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Briquetting Machine and Biomass Briquettes Plant.

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We Exports Briquettes Plant in Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Banglore and many more cities
Raw Material
We provide briquette raw material in Cotton Salk, Cotton Flower, Betel Nut Shells, Forest Leaves etc.
Our Model
We supply briquettes press in various models like jumbo 90 and Super-70

Briquettes Plant

Established in the year of 1994, our company deals mainly in manufacturing and exporting quality range of Briquettes Plant having ultra modern machineries that converts agro forestry waste to non conventional energy source like bio coal or bio fuel. We are sculpted a remarkable place in the market as a reputed organization to offer the qualitative range of Briquetting Plant. We manufacture Biomass Briquetting Plant for agricultural wastes, forestry waste and industrial waste in Rajkot, Gujarat.

Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools has an outstanding technical support and highly qualified professionals who manufactures the most versatile assortment of Briquetting Machine Equipment. Our offered plant is a perfect solution to the global warming, deforestation as well as shortage of fuel along with their price hikes. Briquetting Press or Briquette Press is also known as “Briquette Machine” mainly used to process wood or forest waste and agricultural residues into briquettes, namely, the block shaped fuel.

Our Model
Agro Briquettes Product
Jumbo 90 Briquetting Press Machine

Jumbo-90 Briquetting Press Machine

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Briquettes Supplier, Briquettes Machine Manufacturer, Briquettes Plant Exporter

Super-70 Briquetting Press Machine

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With the effective efforts of our chairman Mr. Sanjay Tilala, this organization is affianced in manufacturing Briquetting Plant using the latest machineries and up to date techniques. This helps them to produce matchless quality products and moving towards the path of success. Developed in severe observance with the well defined industrial and international standards, our manufacturing Biomass Briquetting Machine are recognized among our national and international customers due to their most favorable functionality, best manufacturing facilities or long lasting service, low power consumption and less maintenance.

Our Briquetting Plant is spread across 2100 square meters of area. This manufacturing plant is equipped with the state-of-art technical and manufacturing facilities that produce matchless quality of
Biomass Briquetting Plants and their sustaining products. Our Briquette Press Machine plays most significant task in converting this wastage into a solid fuel or Bio Coal by forming in a cylindrical log or fire wood by using high mechanical pressure but avoiding the use of any chemicals. These briquettes stand as a good fuel source due to high thermal calorific value. Above all they are least polluting and available at cheap rates with no scarcity.

Applications of Briquettes Plant

  • Briquettes being an efficient, cheap as well as low smoke generating fuel are used extensively on household level for cooking, heating etc.
  • Briquettes are becoming a very popular and highly preferred fuel in Commercial centres like bakery, laundry, canteens, snacks and food shops, restaurants, pottery, confectioneries etc
  • Small scale as well as large-scale find bio-fuel as excellent fuel source due to their high thermal calorific value & cost-effectiveness
  • Brick Kilns
  • Chemical Industries
  • Textile industries
  • Dryer & oven
  • Leather Industries
  • Rubber Industries
  • Boiler units
  • Power plants
  • Food processing industries
  • Ceramic industries
  • Distilleries
  • Dyeing industries
  • Gasification
  • Agro-industries
  • Tiles industries
  • Paper mills
  • Oil mills
  • Dairy Industries
  • Laminate industries
  • Hotels & bakery
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What is Briquetting Plant ?

Briquetting Plants are machines that produce solid fuel out of bio-wastes & industrial wastes. Such fuels are identified as briquettes. These plants use compression technique under high pressure and temperature on the raw-material to generate briquettes. This machine operates in an ecological way & does not employ any chemical for binding the material, often described as binder-less technology.

Briquettes are very popular and are chosen over the conventional fuel due to their aspects such as high thermal calorific value, least polluting & eco-friendliness, inexpensiveness, good availability etc.

A part from the production of fuel these machines offer added benefits of utilization of wastes which otherwise would have been dumped or burnt.

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Briquetting Plant Manufacturing Process

The briquettes manufacturing method that Briquetting plant employs is a very environment friendly process. This is because this plant does not incorporate any chemicals; neither does it give out any pollutant or effluent. This machine converts the bio-wastes & industrial wastes into bio-coal by compression technique also identified as binder-less technology. It is called so because it does not employ any binding substance for the solidification of loose wastages.

The Briquetting Plant Manufacturing Process entails the following phases :

  • The chemical composition of the bio-waste material or industrial wastages is tested in the first phase. This helps to know if the wastages are apt for briquetting. It not, the raw-materials are rejected.
  • In this testing process their moisture content is also checked. If the moisture content exceeds 15% then the material is sun dried. In several briquetting plants the biomass is dried using Turbo-dryer CTD 60
  • The briquetting plants can be fed with only specific sized material for the processing. Hence large sized raw-material are cut, snipped sometimes powdered (depending on the briquetting machine) with the help of crusher cum shredder machine.
  • Once the raw-material is ready, they are fed into the briquetting plants. These machines subject the raw-material to high temperature and pressure and simultaneously compress them. This results into fluidization of the lignin naturally present in the raw-material. This acts as binding agent to compact the bulky material into solid fuel.
  • Then the machine gives them pre-determined size and shape and ejects the output.
  • After taking them out of the machines they are allowed to cool and are stored in a dry storage room or are transported to necessary locations.
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Our high performance briquette machine have excellent competitive features and hence are popular all around the world.
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